Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

  1. When is the convention? The convention will start on Wednesday June 28th, 2023 and will end the morning of Sunday July 2, 2023. 
  2. Where is the convention? The convention is being held at the Westin Lombard. For more information about the location, please click here. As of October 23, 2022 we have gone live with our second hotel - the Chicago Marriott Oak Brook. 
  3. Do I need to register for the convention in order to purchase event tickets? Yes. You must be registered for the full convention and be a Federation member in order to purchase individual event tickets.
  4. Can I purchase tickets just for the Mohammed Assaf concert? No. Only persons who are registered for the convention can purchase tickets to the Mohammed Assaf concert. 
  5. Will I have to wear a wristband the whole time I'm at the convention? Yes. Wristbands will be required to be worn for the duration of the convention. Wristbands will identify each registrant and show which ala carte events they'll be attending. 
  6. When will early registration rates end? The early registration discount ends on April 30, 2023. Cost of registration will increase by $10 for "Registration with Banquet" and "Kids Registration (12 and under), No Banquet." Registration without banquet has no early registration rate. 
  7. What is the refund policy? Registrations are not refundable for any reason. 
  8. Can I change my registration? You can add additional events by logging back in and selecting "Step 3: Events" and then proceeding to confirmation page. To make changes for another registrant within your profile, please first navigate to "Step 7: Additional People," select "Edit this Person" and then navigate to Step 3 for that persons profile. If you need help making a change, please reach out to us at 
  9. What is included with registration? Details about what's included can be found on the home page, it includes: Wednesday night welcome dinner, concerts by Noor Kurdi, Danny Ashkar, and Jamal Kassab (the Friday night concert with Mohammed Assaf is at added cost), free wifi, free parking, live cultural shows, political symposium, onsite games, and access to the Starbuzz Hello Hookah tent, Streets of Ramallah, babysitting, and kids magic show. Check out our agenda to get an idea of all the events that are planned and quickly identify which events have an added cost. 
  10. What payment methods are accepted? We accept all major credit cards, and you can pay by check within 30 days of registering (or by the start of the convention, whichever is sooner).

Hotel FAQs

  1. How much is the hotel per night? The negotiated rate at the hotel is $179/night, and that rate is available for check-in Wednesday, June 28, 2023 to check-out Sunday July 2, 2023. The second hotel, Chicago Marriott Oak Brook is $159/night. 
  2. How can I book a room under the Convention rates? Once you've completed your registration, you'll receive an email confirmation. That email confirmation will contain a link to book your hotel room. if you did not receive the email confirmation please check your spam, junk, or quarantine folder. The same link is also available on your confirmation page when logged into the registration website (not the app).
  3. What is the hotel cancelation policy? For the main hotel, The Westin Lombard, after May 23, 2003 any hotel cancellations will be assessed a 1-night penalty (room and tax). For the second hotel, Marriott Oak Brook, if the guest cancels less than 30 days prior to arrival you will be charged a 1-night penalty (room and tax).
  4. Is there anything to do around the hotel? Yes. There's plenty around the hotel. The hotel sits within Yorktown Mall and is near the Oak Brook Mall (which the second hotel is across from). For information about what is near, please click here. It's about 30 minutes west of Downtown Chicago, and we have planned events happening Downtown. 
  5. What is the closest airport to the hotel? Both Chicago's O'Hare and Midway Airports are nearby, O'Hare is about 9 miles closer. 
  6. Can I upgrade my room to a Suite? No, all hotel reservations are for traditional King and (2) Queen Bed room types. 
  7. Can I be waitlisted for the main hotel? No. We are not maintaining a waitlist for The Westin Lombard. 
  8. Is there shuttle service between the two hotels? Yes. There will be 24/7 dedicated shuttle service from the Marriott Oak Brook to The Westin Lombard. Also, for any off-site a la carte events, we will pick up at the second hotel. 
  9. How do I cancel my hotel room? You cannot cancel your hotel reservation online. You'll need to call the Marriott Reservations line (888-627-9031). 

Seating FAQs

  1. How can I see what table number I'm on? You can view your seat selections by logging into the registration website and either navigating to the Step 4: Banquet Night or Step 5: Assaf Concert Seating. You can also view it on your confirmation page, when logged in you cannot immediately go to that page, you'll need to click on the prior step then hit continue. 
  2. How can I change my seat? You can change your table assignment by logging into the registration website and navigating to Step 4: Banquet Night Seating and then Step 5: Assaf Concert Seating. If you'd like to make changes for other persons within your group navigate to Step 7: Additional People and click "Edit this Person" and follow those same steps. You must click through to "confirmed" before the change takes effect. 
  3. How can I see who is seated at my table? You cannot through the registration portal. You'll only be able to see the seating assignments for people within your group. 
  4. My family wants to be seated together, can I hold that table for them? No, you cannot. If you want to be seated together we suggest you plan to register at the same time.
  5. When will I get my assigned Sponsor or AFRP table? Sponsor seating will be done within 1-month of your committed sponsorship. AFRP assignments will by June 1st, 2023.  
  6. Under AFRP sponsorship, I should be given more than 2 seat assignments. Can I put my entire family under RSVP seating? All AFRP seating is managed by the AFRP Executive Committee. Please contact them for any exceptions outside the 2-seat assignments.
  7. How can I guarantee good seating? You can review what the seating chart looks like here for the Assaf Concert and forBanquet Night. Sponsors will be eligible for "Sponsor RSVP'd" tables as outlined here. Sponsor tables will be assigned by the first of every month for sponsors who committed in the preceding 30 day period. Table assignment will be prioritized by sponsorship level and then their committed date. For AFRP RSVP'd tables, your seat assignment will be done by the AFRP.
  8. Will I need to record my seat assignment so I know where to sit during the convention? No. All registered guests will be given wristbands to be worn for the duration of the convention. The wristband will be your access pass to any paid-for events. Printed on the wristband will also be your seat assignments. 

Sponsorship FAQs

  1. How can I become a sponsor? Information on becoming a sponsor scan be found here.


Mobile App FAQs

  1. Is the mobile app free? Yes! There is no cost to guests for using this app. 
  2. How do I get access to the Mobile App? Please follow these steps: (1) Download the Attendee Mobile App; (2) Launch the Attendee Mobile App on your mobile; (3) Search for and select "Ramallah" and (4) For registered convention guests who want full access to the app features (personalized agenda, private chats with other guests, etc.). Select the menu icon on the top left and click "Login". Your login credentials are the email and password which you created at registration. 
  3. How come I can't comment on the social wall? Registered convention guests will have full access to the app including personalized agenda, private chats with other guests, ability to post on the social wall, etc. Once you've registered for the convention, you can use the same email/password created on this site to log into the Attendee Mobile app. When in the app, click on the upper left menu bar and select "log in." 
  4. Will I receive text alerts through the app? You'll receive push notifications from the Mobile App, not text messages. To ensure you are able to receive the push notifications please make sure you have authorized push notifications on your device. 
  5. How come my photo is on my Mom's profile? The mobile app is designed to sync photos based on a users email address. If you used the same email address during registration for both users, then the photo will apply to both users. 
  6. Can I purchase event tickets on the app? No. In order to purchase additional event tickets you must log into the registration website
  7. I don't know my username and password for the App, how do I get in? Your username and password were created when registering. If someone else registered you, please ask them. The first person who registered in a group can log into the registration website and modify your email address, and you would then be able to reset your password.

Misc. FAQs

  1. Will I be able to purchase event drink tickets in advance? We know the lines can be frustrating, so yes, we're planning for that! Online drink ticket sales will begin in 2023. We'll make sure to reach out to you then. You'll also have an opportunity to purchase drink tickets on-site. 
  2. Have you arranged any babysitting services? Yes! We'll have babysitting on-site, through a 3rd party provider for Thursday and Friday from 3pm to 11pm, and Saturday from 3pm to 1am. Information about that can be found here


Still have questions? Please contact us.